Queues and wrapuptime 
Saturday, November 10, 2007, 07:53 AM - Blog, Asterisk
This entry is in English as it is probably of international interest.

One interesting concept that app_queue has is that a QUEUE has a wrapuptime, rather than an AGENT!

So, in short, if you have two queues (A and B), A with a wrapuptime setting of 30 seconds and B with a wrapuptime of 5 seconds, an agent that is in both queues will get a call only 5 seconds after the last call from queue A if the queue B has a waiting caller!

To further complicate this problem, the way app_queue determines if the agent is eligible is by comparing now against the time of the last call of the agent in this queue!

The latter issue clearly seems a bug and I'll try to submit that to the Asterisk community later this weekend.

The only work-around I can see is to make the agent pause immediately after handling a call, thus defeating the whole wrapuptime mechanism :(

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